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My name is Nyasha and I am so excited to invite you into my independently owned & run bookshop today. My first love was literature and as I grew older, I faced the devastating realization that very rarely was *I* reflected in the stories I loved. I was blessed with parents that instilled within me a lifelong love of books, story-telling, and endless adventure, but still, it was so hard to find books featuring women I recognized. Why wasn't the heroine ever black? Why doesn't she fall in love? Where was our magic? Our wildest imaginations? 


Fast forward to July 2020 -- I established MISS READ BOOKS to create a platform for femmes who enjoy genre fiction and wish to discover stories featuring characters that reflect them. This of course, includes additionally highlighting the incredible women of color authors that have long been ignored or overlooked by the traditional publishing industry. Miss Read Books is a proud member of the California Independent Booksellers Association.  

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Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by Miss Read Books. If you can't tell by now, books are my *passion*, my raison d'etre if you will.

BIPOC Writers Opportunity For Publishing | Short Stories in Genre Fiction

This is a call for BIPOC femme identifying writers! Miss Read Books is currently taking short story submissions in the following genres...

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Like space sci-fi? Wondering what you should read next? Read the official Miss Read Books review of DO YOU DREAM OF TERRA-TWO by Temi Oh - you may just discover your next favorite book.


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